Imagine you could combine all your data in one place, ask it a question, and it answers you back instantly.


Our solutions, powered by our artificial intelligence expertise, drive health and market outcomes in real time. We empower you with evidence-based insight and predictions so you can make confident, efficient and life-saving decisions.

Real world insights

Find the answers to what impacts your patients outcomes in real time. Reduce the time to disease diagnosis, identify your misdiagnosed patients and predict your treatment response in real time.

Customer engagement

It’s now more important than ever to understand what message, what content to serve your target audience, when, in what form and through which channel. The OKRA platform can do all of this in real time and link activity to impact.

Market insight

Answer your most critical business questions in real time. Get a complete, predictive view of KPIs and perception trends across multiple data sources in real time. The OKRA platform answers your what and why questions, triggering action.

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