The question:

Our client – A leading global foster care agency wanted to implement an evidence based solution for early detection of placement breakdown. The data provided by our clients comes from 14 different jurisdictions across 8 different countries with different regulations and languages.

So, put quite simply, the two questions set by our client was:

Q – “How can we detect early signs of placement breakdown to facilitate early intervention?”

Q –“How can provide suggestions to support social carers with the next best action?”

OKRA solution:

  • Operates in real time
  • Foster care profile comes in different features from different agencies
  • Integrate the placement, incident and carer documents from all jurisdictions
  • Combine them to a universal dataset for further processing
  • Derive evidence based outcomes
  • Learns and understands patterns
  • Automates outcome prediction at multiple index dates

The results:

Client before:

  • High rate of placement breakout
  • Fixed social carer visits
  • Delays due to the manual process
  • Repeated effort across campaigns
  • Inaccurate due to human error

Client After:

  • Automating social carer visits to carer family
  • Adaptive social carer visits
  • Providing recommended messages to social carer
  • Allows for real-time suggestions
  • In measurement: Reducing placement break-outs
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